Monday, March 24, 2008

Complimentary Books Are Here!

Stop by any Santa Monica Public Library and pick up a complimentary copy of The Highest Tide. All branches and the Main Library's first floor Information Desk will have the books ready to give out beginning Monday, March 24 while supplies last. Many thanks to the Friends of the Santa Monica Public Library for sponsorship!

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Anonymous said...


I enjoyed the book. Finished it Wed. nite late. It has many themes, and will be a wonderful discussion book. It's easy to see why it is the choice for Citywide Reads. I will pass it on to friends here, then send it on to my son, if that's all right with you. Otherwise I will return it to you.

The location--Puget Sound mud flats--speaks to me. 1) A stepson lives in Tumwater/Olympia, and I have hiked much of the Nisqually area and have seen it change. 2) I love fishing and being out on the water. 3) All but 6 of my adult years have been spent living seaside. 4) My stepchildren in Alaska are bound to the sea and its treasures. 5) Ed Tarvyd from SMC is a friend, and I have been to some of his beach walk/lectures.

The teacher in me sees passion for learning as a main theme. Miles has genuine passion for the sea life, and ALL his discoveries are made because he is looking at the life in the sea. He says that several times in the book. A second instance is when "Hired hand" Phelps gets turned on to sea life. It's right after they turn over a rock and see this all-mouth male fish hosting the hatching eggs. Miles tells us it was logical, of course, that Phelps had to get turned on to the sea. Once Phelps knew what was out there, he was "hooked" on finding things on the mud flats. How true! When one gets bitten by the love for knowledge there is no turning back! Other readers will choose other themes as more important, but I like that one.

Bravo for a good selection, and thank you for the book.