Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marianne Wiggins visits the Library

On Saturday, Marianne Wiggins visited the Main Library for a reading, discussion, and book signing. Her warmth and sense of humor charmed the crowd.

Some highlights from her talk:

If she had "hung the manuscript out to dry" for a year after she wrote it, she probably wouldn't have done the Curtis Edwards - Edward Curtis device. She said it was just her being a smarty-pants.

Wiggins couldn't get permission for some photos - such as Curtis as an old man and Clara. That's why she had to use the "found" photos.

She designed the book as well as wrote it. She worked hard on the layout and the photos.

Since she has been living in LA, she's been told that her writing has gotten a shot of adrenaline. She currently is working on a novel about the California Water Wars.

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